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There is an uprising of prayer in our nation!

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Monday night 12 November 2018.

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Daryl Crawford-Marshall
Founder of Youth Prophetic Council

Brian Pickering
Coordinator Australian Prayer Network

Lyndal Walker
National Prayer Coordinator
Youth For Christ

Prayer Movement Leaders Supporting NextGen

Donny McGregor Founder of Generation Fire

Ps Jenny Hagger Founder of Australian House of Prayer for all Nations 

Sue Tinworth: National Coordinator Partners in Prayer & Evangelism

Join this online prayer gathering using ZOOM.

Zoom is an easy to use and free video conferencing system. We will use ZOOM to run this online prayer leaders gathering.

Warwick Marsh
Coordinator of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting
Raising up prayer throughout the nation

NextGen Catalysts 

Jordan Mullen
Founder of Thrive Digital
Helping the national prayer & missions movement.

NextGen Ambassador
&  Australian Revivalist

Andrew Scarborough

Click the ZOOM link below between 7pm to join live online prayer room

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